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Beatrix Mett FCIL CL                                                   

Chartered Translator


Name: Beatrix Mett
A Chartered Translator, an author and a senior translation service provider, with professional experience since 2001

Education and work information:

School(s) attended: BA (Hons) in Language Studies from University of Essex; MA in Applied Linguistics from University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Job title: Chartered Translator
Chartered Institute of Linguists: Fellow (FCIL), Chartered Linguist (CL)
Published webinar:, New York, USA

Translating profile:

Full-time professional translator English <> German
Area of expertise: Translations with Translator’s certificate; notarial certificate
Favourites: Certified translations, certificates; business, legal and safety data documents.

Contact details:
Office: 41 Peto Avenue, Colchester, Essex, UK
Telephone: +44 1206 852953
Mobile: +44 7539283550


BS EN standard 15038:2009 for quality in translation in the language combination English into German
BS EN standard 15038:2012 for quality in translation in the language combination German into English

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United Kingdom (UK)

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